Destiny 2: Warmind’s PS4-Exclusive DLC Content Detailed


Destiny 2: Warmind’s PS4-Exclusive DLC Content Detailed

Here’s the Strike and armor that Xbox One and PC players will have to wait to get their hands on until at least later this year.

Destiny 2 – NEW WARMIND DLC ANNOUNCED!! Random Rolls, Record Books, and Bounties Confirmed!!


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Destiny 2: How to Get The SLEEPER SIMULANT Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle! | Warmind DLC

Showcasing the complete guide for how to complete the Exotic Quest to get the new Sleeper Simulant Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle from the Warmind Expansion for Destiny 2!

The complete Sleeper Simulant Exotic Quest Guide, Including:
-Data Recovery Quest Guide
-Violent Intel Quest Step
-Rasputin’s Culling Quest Step
-Warmind’s Glory Quest Step
-Nodes and Protocols Quest Step
-Sleeper Nodes Locations Guide
-Resonate Stem Farming Guide (how to get resonate stems)
-Override Frequency Guide
-Escalation Protocol Activity
-Protocol “Perfected Form” Quest Step

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Stop Hyping Destiny 2 Forsaken (Warmind Was Cut Content & Bungie Might Sell Destiny)

After a string of 6/10 content drops, everyone is super optimistic about the next Destiny 2 DLC: Forsaken! woot!

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How Warmind Cells Work – A Complete Breakdown of Every Warmind Cell Mod in Destiny 2

In this video I go over how every warmind cell mod functions in Destiny 2.


0:00- Intro
0:36- How to Create Warmind Cells
1:44- Global Reach
2:30- Wrath of Rasputin
3:11- Warmind Cell Spawn Rates
3:33- Rage of the Warmind
4:07- Fireteam Medic
4:27- Burning Cells
5:04- Incinerating Light
5:17- Light of the Fire
5:55- Cellular Suppression
6:36- Warmind’s Longevity
7:13- Warmind’s Protection
7:40- Power of Rasputin
8:04- Grasp of the Warmind
8:45- Light From Darkness
9:36- Warmind’s Light
9:50- Sheltering Energy
10:45- Strength of Rasputin
11:08- Chosen of the Warmind
11:31- Blessing of Rasputin
12:06- Modular Lightning
12:33- Outro

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