Horizon Forbidden West Has God Of War Easter Eggs


Horizon Forbidden West Has God Of War Easter Eggs

If you know where to look, you can find three totems that unlock a special Kratos-like face paint.


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God of War Easter Eggs in Horizon Forbidden West
where is god of war Easter egg
Totem of War
How to get God of War Easter Egg



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God of War EASTER EGG in Horizon Forbidden West! All Totems of War Locations Quick Walkthrough

In this video, I’m going to show you how to unlock this very cool God of War Thematic face painting by finding 3 easter egg items in the game: The Totem of War, Totem of Youth and Totem of brotherhood.

These 3 items are REALLY easy to miss. In fact, after 120 hours in the game, I just found 1 out of these 3 by pure luck in a remote location. So, 2 out of these 3 are thanks to a small hint of the location I took from the IGN wiki of Horizon Forbidden West, so the credit goes to them.

Here are the locations of the 3 Totems.
0:00 Intro
0:38 Totem of War Location
1:08 Totem of Brotherhood
1:51 Totem of Youth
3:12 How to apply face paints in Horizon Forbidden West
3:24 More Horizon Videos!

Once you have collected the three special totems, you just need to go to any vendor that sells face paintings and apply it by spending 10 shards, and you’re done. Ready to kill some machines, the spartan way!

Be sure to check out more Horizon Forbidden West videos that I’ll be uploading to this playlist right here as I progress through the game, but for now, I hope this was useful, thank you for watching and keep enjoying the game.

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Horizon Forbidden West – GOD OF WAR Easter Eggs + Special Collectibles Guide

Horizon Forbidden West – GOD OF WAR Easter Eggs + Special Collectibles Guide

00:00 Intro
00:56 Brok + Sindri
2:32 Kratos
4:16 BOI!
6:20 Reward!

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Horizon Forbidden West – God Of War Easter Egg

Horizon Forbidden West – God Of War Easter Egg

In this my new video of Horizon Forbidden West you can see one of the easter eggs of the game dedicated to God Of War, another exclusive playstation.

This Horizon Forbidden West God Of War Easter Egg video was fully recorded, played and edited by me, the video is taken from the Ps5 version of the game.

the world of Horizon Forbidden West is really huge and like other open world games it is full of secrets and easter eggs, the first is obviously dedicated to God Of War.

in fact, in the game it is possible to find 3 statues dedicated to the characters of GOW, they are Kratos, Atreus and Brok and Sindri.

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