PUBG Update 18.2 Adds In New Deston Map Full Of Massive Skyscrapes


PUBG Update 18.2 Adds In New Deston Map Full Of Massive Skyscrapes

The update also adds in the brand-new utililty items, features, and more featured in the patch notes..

PUBG Update 18.2 Patch Notes: NEW MAP Deston, New Weapons, Vehicles, Parachute & “Ascender”!!!

Patch Notes:
It’s been a long wait since the last new map, and you can check it out on the PC Test Server Now.
Full release of Deston will be on PC 12-13th July, and on Console on 20th-21st July.
Thanks, Rob.
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Patch Report #18.2 – DESTON, Miramar Update and The Workshop | PUBG EU

We know you’re excited for #Deston so we’re dropping the 18.2 Patch Report a bit early! ��

Check it our for a breakdown of Deston and everything else new coming to the Battlegrounds!

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DrDisrespect Reacts to PUBG’s New Map Deston

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SECRETS OF RIPTON – Get 8 crate weapons for your squad | PUBG

**Update: The 19.2 patch quietly changed some things, that aren’t even in the patch notes! The two-story rooftop drone vents are now blocked, for some reason, and the overall keycard spawn rate appears to have been lowered. No official word on the changes yet, but the rest of the video still applies. Experience the thrill of battle royale in Zombs Royale, the ultimate multiplayer shooter.

Deston is an amazing new map for PUBG, and its huge main city of Ripton is chock full of secrets. I’m going to lay them all out here.

We know that they’ve added drone-accessible rooms, secret keys and locked loot rooms with great gear. With a bit of knowledge and hustle, you can easily kit yourself with two crate weapons, or go the full stack and kit your entire squad with two crate weapons each!

Also, thanks Pubg for adding me as a Partner! I love making content for this game and will keep at it :D. Might even start streaming soon…