Randy Savage Loved Jay Lethal’s Macho Man Impression

Randy Savage Loved Jay Lethal’s Macho Man Impression

Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal tells the story of working with the Macho Man’s brother at All In.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage | Greatest Promo Ever (Hulkamania Is Dead) Prime Time Wrestling | 1989

Randy Savage’s Promo On Hulk Hogan 6 Days Before WrestleMania V

All Rights Belong To World Wrestling Entertainment

Jay Lethal channeling the Macho Man at Wrestlecade 2021 oh yeeaahhh!!!

Clip from Wrestlecade 2021

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Dan Soder’s Perfect ‘Macho Man Randy Savage’ Impression

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Comedian Dan Soder’s spot on Randy Savage impersonation.

Jay Lethal called the real Macho Man but thought he was being ribbed

Jay Lethal who is known for his incredible Macho Man Randy Savage impression and his Black Machismo character tells Chris Van Vliet the story of the time he was given Macho Man’s phone number. He called it, but wasn’t sure if it was actually him or he was being ribbed. While Jay does an amazing Macho Man impression, he also does an amazing Ric Flair. WOO! It’ great to see Jay debut In AEW

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